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Welcome To Galapedia

Galapedia is a nonprofit website dedicated to provide travelers and fellow conservationist with general information about the Galapagos Islands with a special focus on tourism. We believe that the best way of preserving a natural treasure so unique as the Galapagos archipelago is by responsible tourism practices that support the conservation of the environment and give the islands' inhabitants the possibility of making a living by preserving the natural wonders, instead of having to resort to extractive activities such as fishing or agriculture. In the following pages we have summarized all the information you could need to prepare a perfect trip to the Galapagos islands. Bing well informed will let you have the trip of a lifetime while helping to protect this wonderful and fragile ecosystem by traveling responsibly. Thanks you for visiting us, we hope you find this information useful.

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This webpage is dedicated to inform fellow travelers about the Galapagos Islands; this makes every traveler that visits...

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The contents of these pages and the concept of Galapedia have only come to be thanks to the help of many important ...

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About Us

Galapedia was born to help preserve the Galapagos islands...

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As the animal life, plant life on the Galapagos has been adapting to the islands' harsh conditions for millennia...

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The Galapagos wildlife is certainly the archipelago's most known and special feature...

Useful information

More information you need to know about the Galapagos Islands...

Galapagos Faqs

Ecological Tourism is the most effective way to protect a natural treasure such as the Galapagos Islands.

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Galapagos Travel Tips

A lot of the most common questions for travelers are in this section to help you to get quick answers about the islands...

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